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MSA - Beginner
Welcome to your first lesson!

In this one, you'll start from scratch as you learn all of the wonderful letters that form the Arabic alphabet.
MSA - A1.1 - Lesson 4
Learn how to start up a conversation in all kinds of different locations.

At school, in the taxi, at a restaurant etc.

You'll also learn how to introduce yourself in a simplified manner.
MSA - A1.1 - Lesson 5
Learn how to talk about each of your daily activities.

You'll also get to learn a few verbs and expressions that differ depending on the time of day.
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Newest courses

Arabic For NGO Workers
The Arabic for NGO Workers program consists of a total of 16 hours of group classes (each Tuesday from 6PM to 8PM according to Beirut, Lebanon's time zone) and eight hours of private lessons (2 weekly hours of group lessons + one hour of weekly private lessons).
MSA - B2.2 - Lesson 25
In this lesson, we'll learn how to discuss and talk about women's impact on society, and how women's roles changed throughout history.
MSA - B2.2 - Lesson 24
Go back in time in this lesson to learn all about the Lebanese Civil war.

You'll get to learn about the key figures of the war, and how its aftermath affected Lebanon's society.