Levantine Institute of Tripoli

At The LEVIT, our mission is to offer a unique Arabic learning experience to non-Arabic speakers.

The Ultimate Arabic Learning Experience

The LEVIT is a social-enterprise with an ambitious vision for Northern Lebanon, we offer Levantine Dialect and Modern Standard Arabic programs all along the year using an original curriculum created by our team. The purpose of the institute is to also provide displaced/disadvantaged children with free lessons and classes taught by our well-educated foreign students.

The Institute, located in Tripoli's Azmi Beik Street, has the advantage of combining our high quality educational programs with an immersive cultural experience. Only a couple hundred meters from the city center of Tell, you will be charmed by this district and its inhabitants.

More Than Just an Arabic Learning Institute

An Immersive experience

Tripoli is a culturally rich city that masterfully blends between the traditional and the modern. Our students can
take a quick stroll in its old souks and explore the city's notorious citadel, right before grabbing a lunch at one
of its fine dining restaurants in an area called "Dam wel Farez".

During their stay at the institute, our students aren't just learning Arabic, they're living and breathing Arabic.


Experience the Middle-East Like Never Before

Our Curriculum

The methodology we follow is a mix of multimedia content: textbooks, audios and videos.

Our method pushes the student to live and learn the Arabic language as a whole; through the culture, the history and the anecdotes that surround the language and the natives that speak it.

The LEVIT considers that classes only give you the keys to express yourself but they're not enough on their own. Immersing yourself in the language outside of the classroom is just as important.

This is why we chose Tripoli: it is the perfect place for students to practice what they learn during their stay at the institute. Through various partnerships with local NGOs and the MAAN Center for children located within our premises, we strongly encourage students at the LEVIT to volunteer and interact as much as they can with the local community.

Our courses tackle a wide variety of subjects ranging from basic such as initiating a simple conversation in Arabic or going grocery shopping, to more advanced subjects such as addiction, Lebanese traditions, and travel and tourism.

Meet The Team

Fatima,  Education Coordinator
Fatima  is our education coordinator. She holds a Master’s degree in History and has been teaching Levantine Dialect and MSA for the past 4 years. She has substantial knowledge in international and regional politics, Levantine grammar, and local culture.
Malak, Teacher
Malak is our teacher of Modern Standard Arabic and Levantine Dialect and has been teaching with our institute for more than 4 years. She is a certified lawyer in Lebanon and holds a Master's degree in Public Law. Malak is also responsible of managing our social-impact efforts with MAAN center.
Manal, Teacher
Manal , our Arabic teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching Arabic literature in Lebanon and 4 years Arabic as a foreign language. Manal is a qualified teacher with strong skills in MSA, grammar, and literature.
Amina, Teacher
Amina is an Arabic teacher and holds a Master in Arabic Literature, she has a real passion for the language. She also has a strong knowledge of Levantine culture and identity. Amina will take your Ammiyeh and MSA to the level you always wished to reach.
Sherine, Teacher
Sherine , an Arabic teacher that holds a Master’s in Arabic literature and has prior experiences working with NGOs and has strong skills in Modern Standard Arabic grammar. Her smile and positivity will make you go through the most challenging part of ”qawa3ed” (Arabic grammar).
Halima, Teacher
Halima is a senior Arabic teacher and has 3 years of experience teaching MSA and Levantine Dialect as a foreign language. She holds a BA in English Linguistics and has an amazing ability to help students doing their first steps with the language and build the right base.
Najla, Teacher
Najla,  an Arabic teacher with more than 10 years of experience in teaching,  holds a degree in both Arabic Literature and human rights. She is as passionate about learning languages as she is about teaching them. She speaks multiple languages including Turkish, Persian and Spanish.

Learn Arabic in France at the Institut Levantin De Marseille

Using the same immersive experience as The LEVIT,
we offer our Arabic courses in the south of France, in the picturesque city of Marseille


Levantine Online

Same Immersive Experience, Online

Group classes, Individual private classes, and Weekly debates available in both Modern Standard Arabic and the Levantine Dialect


Our Tuition Fees

Basic Package

39 € / Week | 1 Term → 4 weeks

2 Hours Of Group Classes a Week + 1 Weekly Debate 

Upgraded Package

49 € / Week  | 1 Term → 4 Weeks

2 Hours Of Group Classes a Week + 1 Weekly Debate + 1 Hour of Private Lessons a Week

Loyalty Discounts

Silver Membership

10% Discount On All Classes After The First 4 Terms

Gold Membership

20% Discount On All Classes After The First 8 Terms

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