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All About The Levant

Get your dosage of real and authentic Lebanese Arabic — all while keeping up with the news

Each episode features 5 news articles translated into beginner-friendly Lebanese Arabic, with each of them tackling a variety of subjects surrounding the latest happenings in the Levant region.

Be it political, cultural or economical, our carefully put together articles will provide you with a varied and rich vocabulary that you can use in your day to day life in Lebanon. 

What is Levantine Press Review?

An innovative new way of improving your Lebanese Arabic

During our years of teaching the Levantine Dialect, we noticed an overwhelming lack of leaning resources for Lebanese Arabic learners.  Thus, the idea for the Press Review was born.

Voiced and written by native Lebanese speakers

Levantine Press Review's aim is to provide an authentic and natural Lebanese Arabic content, that's why, all of the episodes are voiced by native Lebanese speakers.

They're also written using colloquial vocabulary that sounds completely natural and is used by Lebanese people on a daily basis.

Vocab Study

Each episode's article is accompanied by a vocab study that highlights any important or new words that popped up in the articles.

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