Please read carefully the following terms and conditions before enrolling at Levantine Online

1.       Students will be given access to the books once payment is done

2.       Students may request to change class (Group or private) if they prefer to have another teacher at any point of their program.

3.       Any homework or requests to the teachers or vice versa have to be made through the email  [email protected]


·         Private classes:

1.       Any request for cancellation/postponement of a private class has to be by email with the subject "Cancellation of class" or "Postponement of Class" minimum four hours before the class. On weekends no cancellations are accepted.

2.       Duration of packages and postponing of classes:

-          5 hours and up to 10 hours of private lessons have to be completed within one month and postponing lessons is permitted once.

-          20 hours of private lessons have to be completed within two months and postponing lessons is permitted twice.

-          30 hours of private lessons have to be completed within three months and postponing lessons is permitted 3 times, so on and so forth.

3.       Classes have to be scheduled at the beginning of the program unless a special request has been made to have different days/times schedules due to work, study or personal commitments

4. If you miss a class without notifying us by email, or previously informing the teacher, the following sessions will be put on hold (Keeping in mind the time limit of the package) until you inform us that you are ready to resume. This prevents you from losing sessions unnecessarily. .



·         Group classes

1.    Group classes are ongoing with no specific start dates, therefore new students may join classes at any point during the program.

2.     Students might be alone in a class, “group class” does not necessarily mean that there is more than one student in a class, it just means that the rules of “group classes” apply.

3.     Classes cannot be cancelled or postponed under any circumstances by the student. A recording of the class plus the homework will be added in the invitation of the missed class which can be accessed by the student at any time.

4.     In cases of emergency with the teacher, the administration will notify you as much ahead of time as possible and the class will be rescheduled.


Scheduling Group Classes:

Group classes are created everyday, therefore there will always be a class that fits with your schedule, we make sure of that. 

Once the timing of the group classes is set, the schedule cannot be changed until four sessions are completed.

Changing programs:

Once paid/started, it is not allowed to transfer from one program to the other. The programs being MSA, Levantine Dialect, Group Classes and Private Classes. Tuition is non transferable from one program to the other nor from one person to another.

Cancellation of private classes after payment is done

Private classes can be cancelled with refunds, 14 days before the classes were supposed to take place.

Note that a 15% administration fee will be deducted as well as the banking fees.

No refund is possible once the classes have started.

Disclaimer :

The students registered with Levantine Online hereby agree to grant Levantine Europe SAS, the irrevocable right and permission to use images, sound of their voices as recorded on audio or video for publications, advertising, press releases, websites, social media or elsewhere on the Internet, or for any other media activities without any compensation, royalties, or remuneration. All such content and any reproductions remain the property of Levantine Online SAS. Students understand that his image may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed and waive the right to inspect or approve the final product wherein their likeness appears.