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Welcome to the first step of Learning Arabic!
Please fill our brief inquiry form below so we can schedule a free trial class for you and send you all of the info you'll need. If you are not a Complete Beginner and you would like to do a placement test, we will send you one. However if you are applying for private lessons, the assessment will be done in person during the free trial, there's no need for a placement test.
Once you're done, we'll be able to assign you to the right level.

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If you are applying for group classes: Once we receive the inquiry form,  we will send you the schedules of the ongoing classes that you can attend as trial. 

In case none of the classes are corresponding to your level or availability, please contact us and we will schedule a trial class that works for you.

If you are applying for private lessons: Please let us know your availability in the comments section to schedule your free private session.